AMI Records was established in 2000 and has made a significant impact in the Music Industry Today. With professional Jonny Martinez MBA leading the way, it is significant why the company is so successful. Currently, Martinez is Pushing Melani Munoz and Eli Buddy & Sweet Mesquite and is also recording and producing in the studio. Projects that AMI has recently within the last two years are Eddie Gonzalez (Eddie's Favorites), Missy (Mujer Fuerte), Melani Munoz, Veronique Medrano, Conjunto Cats and Eli Buddy and Sweet Mesquite. 

Current News AMI Records latin is working on calaborating with Ashly Quintanilla, Katie Ladesma and Ulissa Martinez. 
If you would like to be considered by the A&R Rep JP Munoz, Please send a complete packet or electronic press kit to  or by mailing it to 

AMI Records Latin
4942 Irma Avenue
San Antonio, Texas 78237

Also for Songwriters, Please send your songs to the above address for consideration.

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